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Healing chapter 3
It had only been a few days but Korra was already starting to feel her strength return. Between daily healing sessions and a few on-the-side sessions of her own, her wounds were healing and her body was finding its old rhythm again. She was pushing herself in her training again. It was exhausting but gratifying. Her airbending was improving in leaps and bounds. She'd mastered the air scooter after only a few tries and all the bruises that came with her falling off the stupid thing had been worth it when she'd finally been able to stay on. Her skill in the physical side of bending was shining through now and she found herself catching up with Tenzin's children fast. She needed all the skill she could get if she was going to help keep the world in balance. So, despite stern warnings from Tenzin, Pema, her healers and even Mako, she pushed and she worked until she could barely move because the world needed an Avatar that wasn't helpless. The fact that it kept her mind off the mess that wa
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Healing chapter 2
The walk to Asami's room felt like a trip down death row. How had things gotten so out of control? How had he let things get so out of control? Mako hated failure. Despised it. Despised himself when he failed. He could usually see when he was about to do something wrong or stupid and correct the issue before it became a problem; he prided himself on that. He had always kept his existence so tightly controlled for a reason: if he was in control, he wouldn't fail. Failure led to people getting hurt. He'd been too young to help his parents, he knew that, but their deaths had always felt like his biggest failure in life. Until now.
What he had done to Asami and had been doing to Korra for so long…that was by far his biggest screw up yet. He'd hurt them both. Was still hurting them. He'd picked Asami. Beautiful, vivacious Asami. He'd convinced himself that she was what he wanted. She was feminine, outrageously gorgeous in a very obvious way and she could handle herself wh
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Healing (Makorra)
The flight back to Air Temple Island went by in a blur, her vision fading in and out the entire trip. It hadn't been until she was safe in Oogi's oversized saddle that she'd allowed herself time to breathe or relax, and the moment she did it all came crashing down on her. She'd never been so bone-tired in her life.  Everything ached. Everything hurt. And there were faces. So many faces. She caught glimpses of Tenzin and Lin arguing. Bolin's anxious face in the back of Oogie's saddle. Asami huddled to the side, her face stoic and unreadable. For a moment she was sure she saw Aang, heard his voice gently tell her to breathe. Naga howled from somewhere below, following them. It was all too broken and disjointed. And Mako, always Mako. Somehow he was everywhere. He'd said she was safe now, and despite everything, she felt it. He was saying something now but her vision was slipping again and the darkness creeping into the edges of her eyes was so comforting. Mako's face blurred th
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lovely expression and pose and you've worked well with the perspective. The feet need a lot of work though. The face is so lovely and d...



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Life Update and Commission Hiatus

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 11, 2011, 9:12 AM

lol ooookay, time for a little update. I know I've been inactive lately, and i'm REALLY sorry guys. This last week and a half has been murder >__< my workload at works has basically doubled and i end up working late a lot because of it. My mom and i also moved into a new place and we've spent every night unpacking and driving back and forth between the old place and this new one to transport boxes and all sorts of crap. i STILL haven't unpacked all of my books yet >__> i was also forced to get my poor little kitty neutered because I'm not technically allowed to have him at this new place and getting him settled and relocated has been tough too. All the packing and moving and work and crap has kept me so busy that friday was the first time i turned on my laptop in a week. And then i had literally over 2000 messages spread between my various inboxes D; that was uber fun to work through lol >__> although it did make me feel special to have so many messages XD
Saturday was my mom's birthday AND my cousin's baby shower and today was lunch with my dad so by the time i got home i was (and still am) pretty much exhausted lol. Still, it was a ton of fun to hang out with him again.
But yeah, I know i owe a lot of you art and now that all the moving and unpacking and stuff is done, im going to start up on them again. I've also decided that im going to close off commissions for a bit once im done with the ones i have now so i can do some personal art. it feels like forever since i've had time to do art just for me. My poor sona's ref is sitting half done in my external D8 Dont get me wrong, I've had so much fun getting to work on so many awesome characters and different designs, its been awesome 8D but i feel like i really need to do something for me after all the stuff i've been dealing with (which im not going to bore all of you with). So until further notice, commissions are closed ;D

I still have a few bust commissions, one full commission, two sketches and badge to do so it'll be a while before i can get around to stuff for myself but i will XD then maybe you guys can FINALLY get to see what my sona looks like 8D In the mean time, ima get back onto them commissions i owe you guys.

OH! I almost forgot, im planning and organising my sister's baby shower 8D she's only got about 7 weeks left in her pregnancy and then i become an aunty 8D SO excited to meet that little girl <3 gonna spoil her rotten XD BUT im not doing it on my own so at least i can organise that and do commissions at the same time XD

BUT, enough rambling now. Im tired and not entirely sure i articulated myself very well in this journal XD too tired to re-read it now anyway lol. I hope you guys got what i was trying to say at least 8D

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Happy Happy Birthday,
From all of us too you!!~
We wish it was our Birthday,
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hehe, yeah sorry about that n__n" I moved to the big city and been living on my own here for like a year and a half. Had almost no time for arting D; how have you been? can't believe how insanely awesome your art has gotten!
LhuneArt Featured By Owner May 6, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
baww, that's a shame! I've been doing great really! All that's left for me is 4 months of art school and then I'm all grown up and independent and ready to move out and stuffs xD! Haha thanks so much! Perhaps I'll catch you in a stream again some time :>.
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